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SOW: Bo pretty much refuses to let Hope cop a guilty plea. Is it because he blames himself for this mess?
PR: Absolutely. He feels very guilty after listening to Hope’s tirade when she was Nighttime Hope, the kind of confession she made. Where did all that anger come from? Obviously, it’s because of what Bo did.
SOW: So, Bo takes matters into his own hands?
PR: Bo has Hope’s victims come and say, “We know this person. We’ve known her all our lives.” Basically they’re character witnesses, who happen to be family and victims of hers.
SOW: Bo takes the stand too. DO you think his testimony is the most convincing?
PR: Probably. Bo stands up and says, “Look, I’ll be there for her. Whatever she needs. I’ll back her up. Please, don’t put her in prison. Let’s put her somewhere she can get some treatment.” She could get 30 years, but she gets something alot less than that. Still, she’s goingn to prison. Everybody else is celebrating. “Yahoo! You only got three years.” Bo is like, ‘She’s going to prison. She could get killed in two days!’
SOW: What are BO and Hope’s scenes like before she gets carted off to jail?
PR: It’s an emotional goodbye and she’s thankful, but they both know where she’s headed. And there’s still this huge gulf between them. She still has to go to treatment, and they still have to come together as a couple. There are not too many words in their goodbye. Hopefully, you feel the love between these two people, but there are still many issues that need to be taken care of. Nothing’s been resolved, as far as Hope’s anger.
SOW: Speaking of Hope’s anger, what was it like to film those scenes with Kristian had to totally go off on you?
PR: It was pretty powerful stuff, and Kristian was so good at it. Those two or three days when we were doing those scenes, we’d end almost every scene with somebody in the crew coming up to me and saying, “Whoa! You better back up. Step away from the crazy woman.” It was so intense.

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