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Aug 12 2010, 06:53 PM
I don't want Hope in jail either. I think most Bo and Hope fans left the show awhile ago and won't come back till they are reunited. I believe this sl will/could end the show. I don't see how this will help the show to get a renewal.
Bo and Carly are boring. Unless Ken ends them I don't see how the show will ever recover.
The Bo and Hope scenes sound good though.
They need to let Dena go. Her stories are awful and unappealing.
I do think Bo and Carly will end in November when her lies come out about Chloe.
I also think Hope in jail will be like watching paint dry.
She will be interacting with characters no one cares about.
Now, what makes you think most Bo and Hope fans left the show? If they did only because they're mad that Bo and Hope aren't together, they missed some good stuff. Personally, I think this storyline kicked some well-needed ass for the show. I sincerely doubt it's a show-killer.
All hints point to Bo and Carly ending anyway, but even if they don't, I don't see it being the end of Days just because of that, not with all the other issues Days has had in the past. You just seem so down on everything unless it involving Bo and Hope lately. I mean, it's your perogative, but I think there are opportunities here that, if they take advantage of them, could mean great regeneration for the characters of Bo and Hope. And, when it's over, and they blow this opportunity, I'll be right there complaining with you. :D I just want to give it a chance first, because so far, it hasn't disappointed me. The only thing I haven't liked is the whole break-up, how Hope wanted to leave, and how fast Bo picked up on Carly. I do think that was handled poorly, but lately, the whole NT Hope thing was pretty good. I do not like Hope coming out as an innocent in the whole break-up thing, and get tired of Bo getting the brunt of it.

This is a marvelous opportunity to explore Bo and Hope as INDIVIDUALS. Personally, to me, I can't get intrigued by a couple unless a show takes time to explore some individuality. It's not uncommon for a soap heroine to commit a crime or spend time in jail at some point in their soap "career". This is also a great time to resolve issues never resolved since Zach. So far, I haven't been too disappointed. And what an opportunity to allow Kristian Alfonso some acting variety.
Very definitely, one will not like the new characters if one has already DECIDED not to like them. How do you KNOW you won't care about them? Again, for me, soap couples are boring and awful if they aren't allowed to interact with the rest of the world occasionally. These jail scenes could be a whole new dimension for Hope. At the very least, it gives KA something new to do. And, if this is done to prevent her from going over her limit of days of filming or whatever, it fits well.
Also, Dena doesn't write everything on the show
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