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On the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, we found out that both Spencer and Ali were smooching Ian behind Spencer's sister's back. That explains why Ali was so mad when she caught Spencer and Ian kissing, but did Spencer ever find out that Ali spent her last night at the kissing rock with him?

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick shares that when the show returns in January, "[Spencer] has the most difficult, thorny relationship with Alison...she's the one who reappears, says, "She's gone"...we're excited to explore what happened that night."

After Aria and Hanna woke up, Spencer told them that she may have heard Ali scream. Maybe those sleeping beauties shouldn't have trusted their bestie so easily. Fellow exec producer Marlene King adds that they'll also show what happened the day Alison went missing in the second half of the season.

Oliver continues, "That will allow us to explore Spencer's role because she may know a lot more than she even let on to her friends." What could Spencer be hiding about Ali, and what does Ian know about that night?
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