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Okay, I'm sure this is user error but it's hard for me to believe I can't do this right--still, I can't get multi-quote to work. I use IE and I've tried Frostee, Simple Blue and Winter Heavy. In each case it will only quote one post, except in the Simple Blue it quoted both posts by name but didn't include the content of the post. In other words, it looked like this example:


Miss Rhi


When I clicked on "post preview" I got the names of the two posters over a blank box.

In the other two themes, all that happened was that when I would check off the boxes in the two posts and then click either "add reply" or the "full reply" screen, only one post would quote.

It's no problem if I can't get it to work--I'll just go back to quoting multiple posts the old-fashoined way--but I figured I should at least bring it to your attention on the off-chance there's something except me that needs to be fixed.

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