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Sami makes her 11th trip down the aisle this week, but as most of her other weddings, she doesn’t make it to the finish line.

Though not because the bride is conflicted – she is. “Her feelings are not 100 percent clear and I think that’s her whole problem for the last several months, “ observes Alison Sweeney. “But she is absolutely convinced that this is the right choice for her and she’s going to walk down this road with EJ and cut Rafe off completely. She is committed to it.”

Her family, not so much. Roman barges in during the ceremony to try and stop his daughter from making a mistake. Laughs Sweeney, “They play a funny beat where Stefano is like, ‘There’s no way you’re arresting my son,’ and Roman says, ‘I’m not her for EJ’, and Stefano says, ‘You’re not arresting me, either, and Roman says, ‘I’m not her for you, Stefano,’ and everyone looks to Kate and Kate’s like, ‘I didn’t do it,’ and then he puts handcuffs on Sami.” Sami is not too thrilled about her father’s dramatics. “She takes Roman aside and basically begs him to let her be an adult and make this choice for herself. And he finally concedes and agrees to let her do it.”

The ceremony resumes, then Rafe arrives, having been alerted by Gabi that the nups were underway. “He bursts in and he stops the wedding and I think Sami’s really embarrassed, angry and horrified,” says AS. “A week ago, she would have wanted this more than anything, but I genuinely feel that Sami does not want him to stop this wedding. She has a line where she says, ‘You had plenty of time to talk to me and now you’re just doing this to embarrass me. I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.’”

But Rafe implores her to listen to him – for Grace’s sake – so she clears the room of everyone but EJ. “And then, in front of EJ, he does finally drop the bomb about Sydney’s kidnapping,” previews AS.

EJ plays it cool. “The whole situation is kind of absurd,” shrugs James Scott. “I think EJ should be commended for not punching Rafe in the face the first chance he gets. EJ doesn’t think there’s any proof, not that Rafe has. Right now Rafe just looks like somebody who’s bitter.”

Sami doesn’t believe her ex, so Rafe produces the incriminating evidence – the recording of EJ confessing. “I think there is a moment where she starts to believe that this might be for real and she is resigned, by the time she hears it, that it’s true,” sighs AS. “I don’t even know that there are the right words to describe what is going on in her mind. It doesn’t hit her all at once. It’s all the little things that he did along the way to torture her, essentially: the video of Sydney in the crib and then telling her that she’s dead, the clothes, the money, the river and Anna on the phone, telling her it’s her fault for all the horrible things she did. It’s like, ‘Oh, my God, you did this.’ And she’s piecing it all together.”

Rafe isn’t happy about hurting Sami. “It’s not like Rafe is standing before her gloating, saying, ‘I told you so, I’ve got the proof. You’re an idiot.’ He definitely feels bad for the position she’s in,” says Galen Gering. “But at the same time, he knows this is info she has to have. Ultimately, this is going to be much better for her in the long run.”

Rafe takes off, leaving Sami and EJ to do battle. “EJ is not feeling too good about the situation,“ understates JS. “But not that it’s all out in the open, EJ comes out fighting and basically says his piece to her, which is, ‘You know, it’s really easy for you to tell me I did a terrible thing and I did a terrible thing. But I did a terrible thing to you because you hurt me so much, that was how hurt I was.’ He doesn’t try to justify it in any way. But he’s also saying, ‘You were pregnant with my baby and you hid that fact from me. And then you waited until after she was dead to tell me that she was mine.”

Adds Alison, “He really lays it on that she set it in motion and she does feel responsibility and she does feel guilty. You have to give James Scott credit; he is so persuasive and so elegant, and it is so sincere. EJ says, ‘We can get through this. You have to know I changed my mind. I feel in love with you again and I realized I didn’t want to hurt you anymore and that’s why I have done everything to make it up to you since then.’ And he proposes. At the end of the episode, I felt, even as Sami, that you could go one way or the other.”

But in the end, Sami spurns him, takes their kids and leaves. “She’s not going to get herself to fall victim to it,” insists AS. “She’s going to stand strong. And she realizes in that moment of clarity that all that anger comes from the feelings she has for him. She could just as easily have fallen under his spell again because he can be wonderful to her. I think she’s hoping that it is a clean break and that it can end now and she can walk away and never deal with those feelings again. She’s just hoping to cut it cold turkey.”

After, Sami heads to the put to talk to Rafe. “She’s humiliated and embarrassed that she’s in a situation and she just asks him to forgive her for being so stupid, not necessarily meaning something in terms of moving forward, because she doesn’t know how he feels,” says AS. “From her perspective, it’s not like he swooped in and rescued her so she would be with him. He just wanted to make sure she knew the truth before she married this guy who did this to her daughter.”

What about a future for ‘Safe”? Gering notes, “Emotionally, it’s a very challenging time for so many people involved. As to what happens with these two characters, only time will tell. Rafe’s come to the realization that all the stuff he was doing – trying to find out who Sydney’s real kidnapper was and the whole pursuit of that – became an obsession for him because of the fact that he was so in love with Sami. It was all for her.”

As for EJ, “Everything good that had any meaning to him in his life has left him,” sighs JS. “His father betrayed him. The woman he loves betrayed him. She’s now taking away his children. What else is there to live for, frankly?”
Tidbit from SOW:
The article isn't much different (shorter), but it says that Sami tells EJ he'll never see his kids again. Also, at the end of the article it says that EJ gets upset, gets drunk, and gets angry. Then he does something that you find out about later....

Fight Club
In SOW it says that oringally EJ and Rafe were supposed to get into a shoving match, but they didn't do it. James explains. "But Galen and I felt like it wasn't necessary. My feeling is this: If these guys go at it, they're going to go at it. I can't imagine really being in a situation like that, but I can tell you if I was and I hit somebody, I wouldn't do it once. If they hit me, they wouldn't hit me once. It would be a fight."

And that wasn't what the show's scribes had in mind. "What they basically wrote is that EJ pushed Rafe and he fell down, which is pathetic," sighs JS. "They're not children squabbling in a playground, you know? I didn't feel that was the most appropriate thing, given the circumstances."
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