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Sep 1 2010, 11:01 PM
I watched the MBE/Sara and Martha/Marly "confession" videos and I have to say... I'm intrigued. This show seems interesting. I haven't paid much attention to it before now but Martha and MBE have sold me. I love how they explained their over-the-top backstories in such realistic ways, LoL.

I'll be watching!
I know what you mean, Kenny. Describing the OTT soap stories always makes them sound even crazier than they are when we watch them. But, MBE and MM both did a really good job of grounding all of that in real emotion. With Martha's, you could really feel her conflicted emotions about her mother -- her anger, her hurt, and her desire for things to be different. In MBE's you could feel some of the same things when she talked about how her daughter didn't even remember her. I really think that relationship is going to be very interesting to watch.
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