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I've been kind of confused with DOOL over the last little while, as I constantly read "they can't afford the vets right now, it's too expensive" (like last year). This has never made sense to me, as I thought that they were on contract, and were therefore paid a base rate no matter how much or how little they appeared... until I found this:


Basically, that site lists that so and so might make $700/episode so I'm inferring that if you have a 3 year contract at, I don't know, $120,000 - every time you appear it costs 700 out of that 120, 000? This (very random and not likely to happen) means that someone can do 171 episodes within contract. So if you appear EVERY DAY for a year, or for all of those 171 episodes, they have to pay you more for appearing extra? :S

Sorry, that was a bit of mumbo jumbo but I'm just trying to figure it out. Contracts bind actors from doing other projects as well, from what I've heard.
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