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The Doctors was uneven in the late 70's, but one very good storyline involved Sara Dancy's troubled marriage to Mike Powers. Mike was a straight arrow from a core family, a widower with a young son. Sara was the younger daughter of a more recent core family, the struggling Dancy's. The couple seemed well suited in values; Sara was certainly up to the task of being a stable stepmother. But their relationship lacked passion on Sara's part. She would not have a physical relationship with Mike during their engagement, supposedly to make their coupling more meaningful, but really because she could not cope with the prospect of being close with him. Sara's witheld the nature of the great physical love she had with a doctor in the Peace Corps. When Colin came to town, Sara's frustration grew stronger. Still, she went ahead with the wedding in July 1978. TD did a good job with this story arc- you saw the courtship play out over months and it was a real engagement- not like on many other soaps: there was a soapy engagement party (a fire broke out, killing Sara's mother), invitations, shower, etc. The wedding was in a church and a major event- sister Nola (Kathleen Turner) a scene-stealing matron of honor, an unmarried, teenage mother-to-be Greta Powers a bridesmaid- Carolee and MJ were possibly attendants as well. Stalwart Mike was well represented on his side. Sara bucked up and did well, one shot showed her and Mike walking in the door of their reception and a photographer snapping their picture.
Sara's anxieties soon became a reality. She was a nice person, a loyal sister, daughter and friend, but she just could not relate to her husband. She felt guilty and loathe to tell Mike-or anyone- the truth. Finally, after months, Mike physically fought with Colin in a nightclub. Back home with Sara, the argument boiled over. He challenged Sara's bad-boy attraction and acted that way himself. She was shocked to see her husband behave that way and frankly drawn to him. The credits rolled over the two of them post-sex, Sara curled up asleep on one side of the bed; Mike awake and looking sadly into space.
Who wrote this stuff? It was so good at times. If it were on now, I would immediately sit down and begin watching.
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