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-Thanks for the writing credits. I never knew who penned it. There was such a turnover in writers on that show during the late 70's. I believe Douglas Marland created the Dancy's- they certainly had his "striving-family" flavor: brash father Barney ("Pop"), mother-keeping-everything-together Virginia, and varied children-ambitious Jerry, sensual Nola, sexy, bad boy Luke, good girl Sara, drug-addled Joan. They were interesting and seemed like people you might really know-supporting each other, but not infrequently at odds; rounded out character-wise. Nola was a contentious and self-absorbed diva, but there for her family in the clutch; Luke self-serving, but had strong shoulders when Sara or Nola sought him out at the Medicine Man, Barney blustery and outfoxed by his troubled children; Sara seethed with repressed passion.
-Once, Sara flashed back to her Peace Corps days and remembered an erotic encounter with Colin Wakefield- in a tent. You saw their shadows from outside.
-Dorothy Fielding was the second Sara and played the whole arc I recalled. Years later she appeared as Alison's mother on Melrose Place. DF had a very natural quality onscreen-similar to Catherine Hicks on Ryan's Hope. Impossible not to like.
-Nola had a drunken, adulterous fling with Colin. When husband Jason (Glenn Corbett, a fine soap actor, who had good chemistry with just about everyone) found out, he confronted Nola (Kathleen Turner). "We could have been good together!", he screamed at her, taking all of her dresses out of the closet and throwing them at her, one by one.
-Colin Wakefield got around. He also had an affair with MJ.
-Yes, Sara's death marked a turning point. The show was reasonably solid and some storylines really working. Mike and Sara had reams of good story potential with their rocky marriage. Suddenly, (new writers? It was that jarring)Sara was going to confront Colin in a hotel. She fainted in an elevator, the door opening and closing on her. She sat up in her hospital bed, looked at Mike and shivered. She was getting an ominous feeling- and so was the audience. Sara was dead within two weeks or so. What? This kind of thing was very vexing for viewers who wanted to be invested in the show.
-Nola was hysterical when her mother was killed in the fire at Sara's ill-fated engagement party. Kathleen Turner said she thought her acting was stellar at the time, but when she saw herself on-screen, realized she had gone over the top.
-I wish youtube would show episodes, too. One tiny clip they did show was the morning of Mike and Sara's wedding- Nola waking up, reveling in being matron of honor, being close with Jason.
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