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I understand the pessimism about the potential drug story, but I think the better part of the story might be the fact that this new girlfriend is Janice Ramos' daughter and Sara and Janice HATE each other. I have a hunch that it is going to be less about the drugs and more about the conflict between the two families and each side blaming the other for whatever trouble the kids are getting into. And that's pretty classic soap. But, that's just my speculation.

And I agree that Kristos is a little raw, but he's cute so we'll see if he can grow into the role. I also like that this is the first hint that Lee Nelson (still uncasted and offscreen) is not Mr. Perfect. Maybe it's just Pete's perceptions, but I like the hint of conflict between Pete and Lee and that, perhaps, Lee wasn't the perfect father figure and if/when Lee does reappear, at least one person isn't going to be thrilled to see him.
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