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I found this episode of The Confessions interesting because I had not really heard much about the character of Pete, it looks like he has lots of stuff bubbling under the surface, as does all the other characters featured in these confessions episodes.

I like how the main characters relationships with the other characters on the show have been outlined so that when the show starts airing the viewer will have a handle on all the undercurrents going on between the characters, pretty clever if you ask me.

The thing I like most about these episodes is the "look" to them, I like how they have been made to look like home movies & they just look so crisp and sharp.

And the Blip tv site is much better for viewing the episodes than youtube, when I click on the full screen button on the Blip tv viewer, the image is crystal clear and huge on my laptop, great stuff, because nothing annoys me more than watching crap quality clips.

Looking forward to the next confessions episode, Mary Beth yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
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