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Ditto on Willow and Morgan...both annoying as all ever. And Jeremy Horton. Not to mention Cassie, who wasn't particularly short-lived, but she's never mentioned so to me that alone spells "failure" in big black letters.

Esme on Passions annoyed me at first, but she was hilarious after getting past her terrible acting (which is why she works perfectly on the Disney Channel, which is where she is now...overacting is what it's made of!) Anyone who chases Fancy around with a shotgun is okay in my book.

ummm.....who else.....any new DOOL characters circa 2006-2008. Hopefully I didn't include anyone good in that range.

Chris, Passions....Antonio, Passions (could anyone BE dumber).....whoever was supposed to be Grace&David's son on Passions.....I know it prob doesn't count but the short recasts for Sheridan and Theresa....couldn't stand 1 second of either of them....and the recast Charity, completely unnecessary and added nothing to the show.
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