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After all... tomorrow is another day!

In case anyone cares what Grodner has to say for herself regarding the blocked feeds:

Cutting the feeds: I asked Grodner about her claim to critics that “armchair producers” (feed watchers) keep the show honest, which doesn’t hold up because the feeds are cut and/or the houseguests are yelled at when they discuss anything remotely related to the way the show is constructed. Why do they do that? “We tell them we don’t want production to be discussed, we don’t want casting to be discussed. It’s overall confidentiality. It’s no big conspiracy when it comes down to it,” Grodner said. Meehan added, “We want the show to be about them and their relationships, and we want to just stay out of it.”


She also had a lot of B.S. denying all kinds of DR manipulation, even when point blank asked about BB8 Eric's claims of it.
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