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Ew, why would they have that be the theme song? It's corny, gross and completely terrible. What they used on the Confessions episodes was awesome.

Tristan Rogers looks like he's about to drop dead. LoL The lighting did MBE no favours either. Like you, I felt the episode ended too abruptly and I find it funny that I'm supposed to believe Tanisha Lynn, Jade Harlow etc, are supposed to be teenagers.

As to what I liked. Most of the actors did a good job. Sandra Ferguson looked like one of those slutty reality Housewives, LoL! Do we know who's blackmailing Dylan Bruce? He was the MVP of the episode, IMO. Martha Madison was good in the brief amount we got of her, as was Jade Harlow. Tanisha Lynn's character seems stupid. That little runaway in tears moment was dumb.
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