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I just saw it. I thought it was pretty good for a first episode of a web series. At least I knew who the players were, thanks to the Confessions I've been watching, and I understood some of the conflicts right away.

I wanted to see more of Sara and Marly, though, because there's some real conflict there and it looks like there won't be a quick solution. "Vivian" overdid the running out in tears part because she was so mild when she first caught a glimpse of Pete with Lianna that it didn't seem to fit when she burst into tears and ran out.

MacKenzie's clearly a ladies man. Sara said his wife had just died. Guess he didn't wait long to begin a new relationship. Of course, maybe he'd been carrying on before she died. Guess we'll find out about that.

I do wonder what gives with Bryan. Not sure about Pete yet. Lianna might be interesting.
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