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Sep 15 2010, 09:01 PM
I wasn't very impressed. I think from all the hype I'd heard, I expected it to be better. As others have noted, the theme song is terrible. Also terrible is the actor playing the younger son. I didn't realize he was supposed to be drunk or high until Sara called him out on it, and it seemed like a random conclusion to jump to. I also didn't like the performance of African-American girl who, I presume, is a jilted ex-girlfriend of the younger son's. Her running away crying was quite cheesey.

I liked Jade Harlow a lot on Passions. She was the best Jessica and she was never given enough to do, so I'm glad she seems to have an interesting role here, and I thought her performance was fine from what we saw of it. The older son seems the strongest actor of the people whom I wasn't already familiar with, and he's definitely the most interesting character - which isn't saying too much. Honestly, I'm concerned this show's going to be spread too thin. Obviously they don't have a lot of time for these episodes, so I wonder if they need quite this many characters.

I haven't seen the confessions thing. Can someone give a very brief run-down on how these people are connected. I know the two guys and Martha Madison are Sara's children, and obviously their significant others were made clear. How is Tristan Rogers connected, is he Martha Madison's father? And what about John Callahan and Sandra Ferguson?
The confessions helped me know who the characters were and what their issues were, and tonight when I was watching the premiere, I realized exactly how helpful they were.

The sound needs some work, though. When I was trying to hear what the characters were saying, every once in awhile I had some trouble.

I don't watch any other web soaps so I don't know how this one stacks up against others.
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