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I agree about the consistency in releasing episodes. I have enough hooks into The Bay that I'd find out when an episode was released regardless, but I think it just gives people a better feel when there is a consistent schedule. And despite the sound issues, I think you made the right call on the premier episode. The Bay has generated a decent amount of buzz and a lot of that would have been lost if we suddenly found out the premier was delayed.

The theme song didn't bother me, I just liked the one they used for the Confessions videos better.

I think we'd all love to see longer episodes, but understand that it's not necessarily possible right now. I'm hoping that people understand that this is a new medium and a new process, not just a new show. So, not everything is going to be 100% perfect from the start. But, I think there is a good story there and good actors involved, and that's more than enough to keep me watching.
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