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Sep 16 2010, 09:17 AM
I think we'd all love to see longer episodes, but understand that it's not necessarily possible right now. I'm hoping that people understand that this is a new medium and a new process, not just a new show. So, not everything is going to be 100% perfect from the start. But, I think there is a good story there and good actors involved, and that's more than enough to keep me watching.
Great points. It is like the transition from radio to TV in many ways. TV was an experimental medium and no one knew if it would even last or people would sit in front of a TV set to watch something when they were used to just listening on the radio. Most of the early TV soaps were 15 minutes. Some of the indie soaps are that long, just not most. It's all about dollars though. I always say this - would love to see some of these producers get the daytime soap's budgets for a year to see what they could produce.
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