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I suppose there are a couple of ways of looking at it. If somebody is providing that much money (i.e. network budgets), then they are going to want a lot of control over the product. That can be a huge detriment to the creative process. One of the things I like about The Bay is that it's been clear so far (in the pre-premier interviews and buzz) that this is one person's creative vision. Without the pressure or expectations of network or production company bigwigs, there is an opportunity for the vision to be fully played out onscreen in a way that can be very difficult in a regular soap situation. At the same time, this new process and experiement has allowed the actors to collaborate with the writer/director/producer in a way that I don't think we've seen since the '80's. That puts a lot of wonderfully creative people in full control of the product.

I realize that limited funds imposes its own pressures and difficulties. But there is something inherently exciting about being in on the ground floor of something new. The enthusiasm that the actors and that Gregori has for this project is, quite frankly, contagious. I strongly believe that one of the reasons the fundraiser was successful was that several of the actors (most notably, Mary Beth and Matt Ashford) showed their support and enthusiasm and passed that onto their fans.

In any case, I guess what I am trying to say is that I knew going in that The Bay was not going to be "perfect" whatever that might mean. But it has a heart and a vision and an enthusiasm that makes me want it to succeed in every possible way. And, as I said above, between the Confessions and the premier, I think it has a solid story that has me wanting to know more. I'm not sure I can ask much more from any soap, network or independent.
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