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Roger, it's funny you said the theme reminded you of Passions theme because that was the first thing I thought of when I heard it too. And I hated Passions so that wasn't a good thing. lol

I was thinking the time spent on the theme, about 1 minute, could have been used for the episode. With such short episodes every second counts.

I agree with you about sticking with the schedule. Honestly I really didn't notice anything off with the sound. I could hear everyone fine. I thought the picture looked great. I agree it would give a far worse impression to push off the first episode. I also agree with you that a set schedule it best. Especially when you are first trying to gain viewers attentions and draw them in, you want them to know where and when you can find new episodes, not send them on a scavenger hunt. And if you wait to long between episodes or to difficult to know when a new one will be up, viewers will forget, lose interest and fade away.
I thought it was pretty good for the first episode.

As some wondered before, I too wonder how they are going to juggle such a large cast with only 5 minute episodes. Seems like a lot of people and not much time to get to showcase them.
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