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Watching it now ...

It feels ... rough. The dialogue leaves a lot to be desired (it's also quite cheesy) and the sound is horrible. Not a fan of the theme music. Some of the acting also leaves a lot to be desired. Not going to bash anyone though, as this is still clearly a work in progress and things I'm sure will improve!

Mary Beth Evans and Martha Madison were wonderful. Loved Sandra Ferguson and John Callahan. Tristan Rogers looks ill, was he sick while filming? Seems very tired. I'm kind of concerned. Dylan Bruce was OK, however a little too OTT. I was surprised to see Taylor Stanley! Wasn't she Remy on AW during it's last year? She was pretty natural in her scenes, I like her a lot.

Overall, not bad, again though, very rough but I enjoyed it and can't wait to keep watching more. The length of it could be a bit longer though. Why not a 15 minute webisode or is it actually a half hour episode that's been broken down into parts?

EDIT: Jade Harlow LOVE! Tanisha Lynn wasn't given much but she wasn't great. I was surprised. The actor playing Peter wasn't the greatest either but there's room for growth.

And I'm begging you ... PLEASE get different theme music. OMG. LOL. Passions had a better theme song for sure.
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