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Renee Dimera
Sep 8 2010, 07:26 PM
Yeah, RKK was supposedly a real piece of work ... an asswipe of the first order. He was fired from Another World for his boorish behavior, then rehired after he was fired from Days. AW brought him back as a new character, and the idiot EP Jill Farren Phelps fired fan-favorite Alice Barrett (Frankie) to free up budget for him. Hack writer Maggie DePriest (a.k.a Maggot DeButcher) crafted Frankie's violent murder. It was then that AW became "The Jensen Buchanan Show" when the entire soap focused on Vicky Hudson. "Oh, who will our damsel choose...Shane "Bobby Reno" Roberts or Jake McKinnon? Oh, horrors!" Gawd those were dark days for AW, and set the stage for the show's cancellation.

RKK needs to stay in his blue collar job in Canada and never darken another daytime drama.
I never knew about RKK's personal life,but he struck me as an arrogant self absorbed pig type :toetap:
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