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I got through it all, but nothing really grabbed me and made me want more. I really enjoyed MBE. Noone else really stood out for me.

The sound seemed ok.

The theme song did not. I never watched Passions and I still don't think this theme song fits.

I agree that meeting deadlines is paramount for all the reasons above. As a side note, Roger, this isn't meant as a personal thing at all because I LOVE that you've taken the time to come and interact with us here and hope you'll continue! But IMO it reflects poorly on the professionalism of the show to me when an executive from the show comes and asks us if we want quality or do we want it on time. From a professionally produced show I expect both, not either/or. JMHO.

In terms of timing, I don't mind the episode length at all but I would like to see less characters being focused on in one episode.

Overall, in all fairness I'll likely watch again to see if it's just that I need another episode to warm up to it.

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