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Sep 17 2010, 08:13 AM
As a side note, Roger, this isn't meant as a personal thing at all because I LOVE that you've taken the time to come and interact with us here and hope you'll continue! But IMO it reflects poorly on the professionalism of the show to me when an executive from the show comes and asks us if we want quality or do we want it on time. From a professionally produced show I expect both, not either/or. JMHO.

I'm working on a couple of shows of my own which I will exec produce so as much knowledge as I can soak up the better. Thanks for the feedback!
Don't worry. I don't easily offend. LOL

I'm not an executive producer on THE BAY, I'm an associate producer, almost like a consultant in this case. I think while we're still in the experimental phase of figuring out what television will look like on the future, collecting as much feedback as possible is critical. That's why I've tried to be interactive to help understand what people are looking for. My question about consistency of scheduling was more of a general question for all indie soap producers, not really something specific for THE BAY. We get asked that type of question all the time and for my personal reference I wanted to get some feedback on that to not steer various producers the wrong way.

Thanks for checking it out. It will be interesting to see where THE BAY and all the dozens of other indie soaps go in the future. I think the thing I love most about these shows is that, for good or bad, we generally are seeing someone's vision for a story versus having network honchos and various PTB dictating story.
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