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Sep 9 2010, 12:11 AM
Sep 8 2010, 11:49 PM
I love Missy, but I think if you cheat on someone you deserve to be kept on a short leash. Was he a controlling ass before the afffair? I know this much, Jason Brooks is miles hotter that Scott Reeves.
Deserve to be kept on a short leash? Isn't it better to break up?
That's why I don't get this idea that Scott Reeves is a controlling asshole, absent some specific examples. Missy is the one who had an affair that was publicly revealed. Both Scott and Missy had the option to terminate their marriage but both obviously decided (because it had to be a mutual decision--Scott can't force Missy to stay married to him) that they would prefer to stay married. Given the betrayal of trust, I can understand that Scott might have some terms and conditions about things like, for example, overnight travel without each other or the like. I didn't see anyone post any specific examples of what Scott is supposedly doing that is so controlling and unfair, but even if he is being an asshole, Missy's option is to get a divorce. The fact that she has stayed married to him suggests she sees more value in salvaging her marriage than in ending it, and theirs would hardly be the first marriage to survive and even strengthen after an infidelity.
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