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Sep 16 2010, 05:52 AM
I'm curious from you guys, am I right about the consistency thing, and sticking to dates you set, especially with web shows? Are you much more likely to watch a web soap if it comes on every Monday at 7 versus having to keep track of when it will be on? Or if it's a show you like, you don't care about a certain timeslot and a random schedule is fine. You're willing to go the extra mile to find it. I'd love to validate my assumption. Also, would you have preferred THE BAY wait a week or two (not sure how long exactly but let's randomly guess a week or two) and perfected the sound and just announced on Sept. 15 there would be a delay. Or would you want it to just be released on the date they set with a few warts, but mostly top notch, especially the aesthetics. I thought the show looked BEAUTIFUL and was edited well. Everyone did a great job with that.

I agree that it is much better to stick to promoted release dates with a few warts, rather than delay. I think fans would be more likely to overlook minor imperfections, but would be annoyed if the promoted release date was delayed, particulary at the last minitue, I know it would tick me off.

I think that releasing the webisodes on the same day & time every week is definitely the way to go as opposed to a random schedule. I think most soap viewers are creatures of habit & personally I just dont have the time or the motivation to go and hunt down episodes of a show I am not hooked on yet, maybe down the track I might.

I agree, the show did look BEAUTIFUL.

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