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I've decided to download all the episodes from youtube before they're pulled. So, I'm watching again and so addicted.

I :wub: Anna Holbrook. I remember a bit of her when I watched live but Sharlene is just a great character. I'm totally loving this Taylor/John/Sharlene storyline. The actress that plays Taylor is so fucking creepy. I'm at the part where Charly is out. I'm not sure if it's really her or Sharlene is pretending.

Kathleen/Cass/Frankie is another great storyline. One minute, I'm rooting for Cass/Kathleen the next it's Cass/Frankie.

I'm loving Cali Timmons as Paulina. I'm also loving the original Grant too. I always found Mark Pinter to be way overrated.

Anne Heche is awesome. Although, I really can't stand Marley. Vicky & Ryan is <3 I always did love them. I started watching when Ryan was killed.

Rachel has such bad hair right now LoL.

Why is Anna Stuart not on a soap right now? She's so amazing as Donna Love. I just had a scene where her and Felicia are making jabs at eachother.

The only storyline that sucks is the Jenna/Matt/Dean storyline. RPG is annoying as shit.

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