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Fax stalks Frankie while she's at Joise's bridal shower. Fax then tampers with Frankie's car.

Frankie calls Cass and urges him to come home. The Stalker (Fax) enters the house. Frankie escapes. Frankie's car breaks down and fears the Stalker is coming. Frankie then comes face to face with her killer.

Frankie & The Stalker end up in a fight. Frankie is able to escape him and run into the woods. Rachel & Matt hear screams but shrug it off. Frankie finds shelter in the Cory icehouse but Stalker shows up. Frankie realizes she's going to die so she attacks the killer and pulls his mask off. Frankie knows the killer and begs him to let her live but he strangles and kills her. Frankie is able to give a clue before she dies by trying to write an F.

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