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Sep 20 2010, 09:04 PM
Felicia was, supposedly Stage 4 (or 5) cancer, and was mysteriously spirited away by Stephanie and miraculously cured. A major disservice to viewers who, themselves, or have loved ones so afflicted. Felicia should have succumbed to her illness (heck, she even shaved her head for realism)...had she done so, I bet dollars to donuts, she would have had her 2nd Daytime Emmy. Now, Susan flannery's character will have stage 4 cancer...I wonder what cockamamie miracle cure Boobie Bell has for Stephanie to overcome this deadly disease. Totally unrealistic. It's not a soap opera...it's comic strip/camp. Feliciia should have died, and so should Stephanie.
Exactly what I was going to post. This is why US soaps are a fucking joke. 60% of Stage 4 lung cancer patients die within 7-8 months and only a handful even make it more than a couple years. If they write this storyline and don't kill her it will be a travesty. If this were EastEnders and it were Dot diagnosed with Stage 4 you could bet your sweet ass it would be a well written and amazing storyline with her actually dying at the end. Screw B&B and Bradley Bell
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