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Thank you, Rick, for agreeing with me. B&B is a joke. I wrote a letter to Barbara Bloom after Felicia's miraculous cure and I never received a response. In my same letter, I also expressed my outrage over taylor getting a 'slap on the wrist' for running down Thorne's wife and killing her. I happen to live a few miles from where that infamous 'wrong-way' driver killed herself and six others last year. If what happened to Taylor, driving drunk, killed a person, she'd be in jail right now, and not in her big, glorious Beverly Hills mansion.
I am not a betting person, but Stephanie will be diagnosed with Stage 4 this month, and in a few months, she'll be wind-surfing, hang-gliding and winning a dance contest in a few months. The whole thing is utterly insane.
Soap producers know the impact that their stories have on people...if a woman lying in a hospital bed, with Stage 4 Cancer, and sees Stephanie beat it, she'll think she will too. It's wrong! I'd like to wring Boobie Bell's neck!
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