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^ My face watching DAYS

This is hands down one of the most creepy and brutal scenes in daytime history. The murder of Frankie goes down as one of the most horrific and shocking daytime deaths (in the pre-internet spoiler) era.

ANOTHER WORLD never recovered from this...it was all down hill from there after this beloved fan favorite was killed off in such a brutal way.

The ending scene where she tries to write "F" and then the split scene with Cass...OMG..that scene was burned into my memory for forever. I was just utterly horrified when this happened, especially since I had no idea it was even going to happen. I remember sitting on the couch and crying and my mom was crying and she was hugging my sister who was also watching. It was sad...my parents really attempted to try and stop us from watching ANOTHER WORLD and DAYS OF OUR LIVES after this.

Wow, just wow. As much as I LOATHE DePriest and JFP...they sure had some balls to go through with this, especially after all the pressure they were under.

Even though I think Frankie should have been spared, sometimes soaps need some SERIOUS emotional drama like this, well...maybe not quite to this extreme, I don't know..I'm not explaining myself well.
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