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Sep 22 2010, 05:34 PM
Ok, I don't understand the rage against letting Stephanie survive stage 4 cancer. We have cheered when characters are brought back from the dead, possessed by the devil, fall in love with their rapist, travel through time, jump off a bridge, get caught in an explosion and even almost fall in a active volcano.
So why is it such a stretch to have someone survive stage 4 cancer?

I am critical of the CBS soaps also but for heaven sakes soaps have always been about fantasy. They are not reality shows. If you want everyday lives of people then turn off the tv and step outside and people watch.
Because this is an actual social/medical storyline. If Stephanie were being brought back from the dead, fine. If she traveled through time, fine.

This kind of storyline is a slap in the face to any family going through stage 4 cancer. I watched my aunt take her last breath 8 months after she was diagnosed with stage 4. There are no last minute miracles or a sudden cures. You die from stage 4 lung cancer!

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