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Denver Post: “OLTL soon to announce deal to live for two more years”

This weekend The Denver Post’s, Joanne Ostrow has an article about the state of daytime titled: It’s a New Dawn for Daytime as Sun Sets on Oprah, 2 Soaps.” In it, she discusses the current cost-cutting measures soaps and other daytime programming are going through to endure, and how As the World Turns and Guiding Light recently faded to black.

However, there was one very interesting quote that Ostrow reported: “ABC owns its soaps, unlike the CBS relationship with P&G. ABC’s One Life to Live is soon to announce a deal to live two more years.”

Ostroff also interviewed TV Guide’s Michael Logan, who offered up this interesting comparison in how networks and advertisers view the soaps, when in fact even soaps are higher in ratings then some Emmy Award winning primetime television dramas. Logan stated, “Mad Men, draws some 2 million viewers a week on AMC while As the World Turns was canceled with 2.5 million watching five days a week.”
The Post goes on to say, “The industry is in flux, scrambling for new economic models, determined to find less expensive ways to draw audiences. Network executives don’t talk about creating mass hits; they talk about efficiently filling airtime.”

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