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Juat an idea that my grandmother just told me.

By the flashbacks of Sami shooting E.J. she was wearing long sleeves and you could not tell if she was wearing a watch or not. But when the hands were show lifting the gun to shoot E.J. that wrist had a watch on it.

Has anyone noticed if Sami was wearing a watch that night or not the person that lifted the gun to shoot E.J. was wearing a watch. Maybe even a man's watch? The wrist did not appear to be wearing long sleeves.

My grandma thinks that maybe someone could have shot E.J. before Sami got there and perhaps she shot him again or she shot at him. Maybe there will be an unexpected twist. The watch will be the key. Could this be the big twist that Corday spoke of?

Could E.J. possibly be guilting Sami into thinking she shot him to get the children or possibly her back? Or even pulling a page out of Stefano's book using blackmail like Stefano did with Kate?

What do you guys think is my grandmother over thinking this or could this be a possibility that Sami thinks she shot E.J. but didn't do it after all?
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