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First of all, regarding Pookie, wasn't he poisoned by Victor back in 2008? I thought we stopped seeing him shortly after Nicole started getting involved with EJ that fall. I remmber Nicole being so upset and accusing Victor of being responsible for Pookie getting sick, which I thought ultimately killed the dog, no?

As for the scene, I agree that it wasn't needed. I understand what they were saying and why they wrote the scene in this episode though. They wanted to showcase how Nicole doesn't have anyone left, so she's going to be around the only person that's ever truly loved her, as she said before leaving Daniel and Chloe's. They had to set up the whole pet cemetery angle, which is going to bring Brady and Nicole back into each other's orbits. However, I think it would have been a lot better and more realistic for them to have Nicole at least try to turn to Brandon first and then go to the pet cemetery to be with Pookie. It's known Nicole doesn't have a good relationship with Fay and Taylor. But Brandon has always been there for her and there has been no mention of a falling out between the two. Like I said back when Nicole went to Fay when she kidnapped Sydney, they should at least mention Nicole trying to go to Brandon, just because of their history. That's how they are. My only complaint with those scenes, which I surprisingly enjoyed.
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