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It does work well to have two episodes together. Gives you a little more meat, so to speak.

I liked episodes two and three also. You're starting to see how the characters fit together and the issues between them. It's very obvious that both Marly and Pete are resentful of Sara, and in Marly's case, you have a pretty good idea why. At the same time, though, as angry as Marly is at her mom, you can see that she wishes things were different. "Maybe someday," she said.

Maybe we're going to get to see them go on some kind of emotional journey together where they come to some kind of understanding of each other someday. I hope, LOL!

I get the sense that Sara does care, and she has a lot of regrets for the way things stand, but she made (and perhaps continues to make) decisions that would keep a wedge between her and her children, even if she would like to bridge the gap.

Okay. Mack is Zoey's brother, so he's pissed off at Brian for what he thinks is going on. Brian has a kinda scary looking enemy who's entering their midst.

I smell trouble.

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