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Oct 2 2010, 09:43 AM
Oct 2 2010, 09:28 AM
I haven't been around much to gauge fan reaction, but now that Carly has been back for almost a year and she's being used as more of a supporting player, would you say that fans have finally warmed up to her or is she still a character that most people don't like?
The sad thing about Carly is that I used to love her in the 90's, but I really despise her now. Granted she's much better out of Bo's orbit, and in my opinion Carbo can't work if Hope's still around. It truly only worked when Hope was "dead", and Bo had a broken heart. I am a huge Crystal Chappel fan. I loved her on Guiding Light, Venice, 90's Days, etc. However, what there doing right now just isn't working and people are looking at her as a home wrecker and a murderer. I did enjoy the first two weeks of her return, but after that it truly did fall flat and I got bored with it.

The same thing goes for Vivian. They boxed her into a corner with Carly, and her plotting to kill Melanie. Then right before she tried to kill her, she chickened out. They've made her nothing more than a town joke. They had so many opportunities to work with on her. They could've had her and Kate got at it in some huge business storyline. They could've had her plotting with Stefano to take out someone, or find something, etc. Wasted talent.

Can`t stand her.
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