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I don't like Carly much, but then I had trouble with her in the 90s. She was supposed to be Jennifer's best friend, but I didn't see her BEING a friend too often. I mean, she wasn't straightforward with Jennifer about Lawrence and Jennifer went all out to help her...took big risks to do so, and ended up getting raped. Then once she had been raped, her pal Carly wasn't ever around...and she fell for Jen's rapist and did an "I love him" and left town with him.

I always figured Jennifer was always a good friend to Carly, but Carly wasn't nearly as good a friend to Jennifer.

Then she comes back to town and stands in the middle of Bo and Hope...and YES, I know Bo and Hope had issues before she ever came back to town. I'm fully aware of that, and I know all their troubles can't be laid in Carly's lap.

But no one can tell me that if she wasn't around confessing her great love, that Bo and Hope wouldn't have tried to work things out. Bo and Hope were separated, but things didn't feel settled, and Carly jumped in the middle of them and into Bo's bed. She was forever needing rescue, too, and not standing on her own two feet. She was dependent on Bo.

Then she was really interfering in Chloe and Daniel's relationship, making threats to tell what Chloe did unless Chloe towed the line and did what Carly thought she should. Is Carly Chloe's mother? Her sister? No? Well, then why was it her place to do anything, much less make threats? She could give her opinion and that's fine...taken or left at the listener's discretion, but threats?

I know Carly's backed off and decided not to tell and she's helped Chloe, and that helps. But I still don't actually LIKE her.

They should have introduced her more slowly, IMO, and not immediately thrust her between Bo and Hope, a couple that most people have loved and rooted for for the majority of their 20+ years together.
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