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Grandpa Hughes
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Oct 3 2010, 09:09 PM
Jesus, I had over 1,000 posts?

It's scary what I would of had if I posted more on the DAYS board. Thank you to the crazy fanbases for keeping me out.

I don't know one thing about The Secret Storm. It's probably one of the few soaps that I've never read about.
I only got to see it near the end of it's run! It was pretty good and had one of all time favorite soap bad girls, Belle Kinkaid! She was blond, beautiful, usually wore red and drank "stingers on the rocks"! She didn't have a sympathetic bone in her body and I loved her! It's a show that relatively little has been written about! I've tried to get more information about the show than what I already know and it's just not out there! The same bits of info are reworded, the same characters are always written about but I've yet to find a comprehensive history of this 20 year soap!
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