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Okay here are my 2 cents on today's show:

Sami and Rafe....spill it Sami...tell him the truth already....damn the knock and here come the rest of the Hernandez crew....damn...and just when we thought that we were going places w/Sami being truthful....lol...moving to Arianna and he all so profound and apparent love for all things EJ.....girl, the man almost destroyed your brother's chance of happiness and YOU DO KNOW that he DID kidnap and fake his own daughter's death right? So what's up w/you? Yeah...I know you are only cozing up to him because the idiots that write Days want us all to see that Ej is likely going to make you toast soon....you know that brings something to mind..KC said that Ej would do some crazy stuff in the next few weeks....that when Ej gets mad bad things happen in Salem. Now that Ej is up and seamingly has NO EFFECTS of the gunshot wound AT ALL, and is out for revenge on Sami, no..not believe he knows that she shot him, but because she is living with Rafe and his kids are there....Does anyone think that the one who runs over and kills Ari is EJ in the end? and the writers are showing that Ej is so ruthless that he would ultimately run over the only person aside from family that gives two shits about him...don't know I just got that vibe....

Now moving on to Brady and Nicole....sigh.....just when I like a couple the writers completely ruin them for me....why must Brady use Nicole....why? The makeout session/sex scenes were okay, not wonderful but not awful....sorry but Days doesn't do hot love scenes like they use to anymore.

Enjoyed the Adrienne/Justin scene...let's get more please..

Ej and Stefano in the room was comical if nothing else....loved the fact that all that Ej needs to set the machines off is him thinking about Sami and Rafe...obsessed still Ej right? This isn't looking to good for Ej I thought he wasn't going to chase Sami, or obsess anymore over her....oh, I guess that didn't work out too well...wait..shit they have never tried that much.

Frankly I am dying for Sami to tell him she isn't married to him and I will love to see the 'real' Sami Gene, smug face and all come back for that scene...please writers...pretty please?
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