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Please write 4 Bryan Dattilo, Give him a love interest.

Oct 6 2010, 02:13 PM
Gotta love that Rafe is pleading with Arianna to zip it...when up to now he's just been so sweet and supportive of her. :rolleyes:

So the fact that Rafe knows Ari knows makes things a tiny bit more interesting. I can't imagine they'd ever make him do something as evil as smoosh his own sister to keep her quiet...but a girl can dream.

Anyway...if Rafe knows she knows, it's likely Sami and Will know it, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing Victor's reaction to learning of Viv's predicament. :laugh:

Thanks for posting!
Now, we all know Rafe isn't going to smoosh his own sister. Ej would be capabale of such an act but not Rafe. Of course, some don't like him bc he has Sami and Ej doesn't. That therefore makes it harder to see any good in Rafe. I guess it doesn't matter that Rafe is the good guy and hero and would not do this, it matters how bad some can paint him, just bc of wittle old Ej, whose not worth a plugged nickel. Who cares who shot Ej, the fact is they shoulda finished the job and put us out of our misery. This is a very poor copy of who shot JR. Days can not copy anything well, especially not a great like Dallas. Tomlin just doesn't have what it takes.
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