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Grandpa Hughes
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"Dedicated to the brotherhood of healing. "

Feb 20 2010, 10:08 PM
Who was your favorite couple on the show back in the day?

Mac and Rachel
Rachel and Carl
Ryan and Vicky
Jake and Paulina
Sam and Amanda
John and Sharlene
Cass and Frankie
Steve and Alice
Jake and Marley
Felicia and Lucas
Michael and Donna
Gary and Josie
Jake and Vicky
Grant and Vicky
Jamie and Lisa
Jamie and Marley
Jamie and Vicky
Matt and Donna
Marley and Dennis
Grant and Cindy
Lorna and Kevin
Lorna and Gabe
Cass and Kathleen
Cass and Lila
Joe and Paulina
Dean and Jenna
Steve and Alice
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