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Oct 12 2010, 06:45 PM
Oct 12 2010, 06:38 PM
How about Victor reading the christmas story while Maggie watches him adoringly? Vivian dreams and they do A Christmas Carol thing?? I know Kenny, it won't happen but I bet I could come up with something better than what will actually happen.
I think Jenn will read the Horton Christmas story this year, or Maggie whomever it is is usually a Horton or Brady.
you know the running joke about the story right? Whomever reads it isn't around for next xmas....

My totally not the way they will actually play out predictions:

-Bill returns (establishes his patriarch duty in the Horton household) convinces Kate to go upstairs to the bedroom with him as he has something to show her....she agrees but has more to show than he does: :boobs:

-Doug and Julie are there (obviously) and start signing xmas carols

-Maggie invites Victor who initially feels uncomfortable attending since it's the first xmas without Mickey around....but as he settles into his living room with a drink Vivian comes in the front door screaming about Brady and the sarcophagus, Victor skips out the back door and ends up at the Horton's (or wherever they are doing the celebrating this year). :smooch:

-Lucas walks in with Allie and Will, smirks, hangs his ornament and helps Allie with hers. He smirks again and tells everyone he needs to go back to China. He hears his parents going at it upstairs and tells everyone that Salem has a bunch of crazy people he just can't live around anymore....he sees Sami on his way out and he runs faster. :run:

-Chloe's baby is born and Dan is puzzled when the kid only has one leg. Chloe tells him not to worry it'll grow back just like Philip's did. Dan's expression: :mellow:

-Stefano and Ej plan 325,000,000 time they will try to seek revenge against Samanther, only to fail again and then have to start planning the 325,000,001st time. Stefano hasn't even realized that Kate isn't home for xmas.

-Brady and Nicole get drunk and tell bad sarcophagus jokes to each other.

-Melanie ends up boinking Nathan as Stephanie catches them. She waits to bitch slap Melanie as the entire town of Salem forms a line to knock Strawberry Shortcake off her damn pedestal.

-Bo has a realization, he never stopped loving Hope. Hope gets out of prison and :whack: him.

-Jenn wonders where Jack and the rest of her family are as she hangs their ornaments.
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