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Oct 14 2010, 12:54 PM
Oct 14 2010, 11:39 AM
I don't think EJ has anything to do with Ari's death.

I wonder what her dying wish is? To tell EJ the truth about Sami shooting him? I hope that's not it for her sake. I would hope her dying wish is for something more meaningful like Peace in Salem or at least avenging her death, finding out who mowed her down, etc.

Daniel believes Chloe's goodness will heal things with Mel. That's a real knee slapper for me! Chloe's goodness ended back in the ghoul girl days. Now she's just a lowdown ho who don't know who her baby daddy is. :D

Thanks for posting!
Yep, I'm starting to think that maybe he isn't responsible at all as it seems her death is purely accidental. Oh well there goes my spec out the window as usual. I wonder if Will chases her out of the pub and that's how she gets run over and that's what Gabby figures out. She'll be up Chad's ass in no time.

Her dying wish probably has to do with protecting her brother from Sami, and we all know Ej will gladly oblige that one. I just can't take anymore of the merry go round between Ej and Sami. Either end it, or hook them up for good so they can ride off together. Whatever, but it sucky anyway you try to tell it.

The show isn't really too creative, this is just stupid stuff. If Arianna doesn't get the info to EJ somehow then he still doesn't know and will only be going after Sami so that Rafe doesn't have her, as promised to Arianna.

I guess the glitter has rubbed off on Chloe, she can't do no wrong in Dan's eyes.

So April's death is a coverup, and Hope will crack that case and get beat up and lie near death in the hospital soon...okay that makes Bo react right? We get it.
Yeah, I think her death is accidental now. I am wondering if her dying wish isn't for him to fight Sami to get custody of the kids and in the meantime, get Sami away from Rafe so she doesn't ruin his life. Of course,EJ will use that as an excuse to get rid of Rafe so he can try and have Sami for himself with the kids, of course. He will probably threaten to do something to Rafe if Sami doesn't come back with him and with the kids. Sami, feeling guilty, will go with it to protect Rafe.

Please writers-- don't put us on that merry go round again-- unless you really want to lose more viewers.
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