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Oct 14 2010, 04:26 PM
SOD:Arianna's Tragic Accident

Arianna drops the bomb on Rafe that she knows Sami shot EJ. GG says he’s completely surprised, but he doesn’t play that at first. He says I don’t know what you’re talking about; Sami was with Rafe. Whatever your sources are are inaccurate. Even though she’s his sister and he’d love to tell her, the fewer people who know, the better. he needs to protect Sami at this point.

Sami comes home and Ari tells her what she knows, then runs out. Rafe follows. Ultimately, she’s threatening to tell EJ or the police and it gets a little dicey, says GG. He has to admit to Arianna that yes, it was Sami who shot him, and tells her she needs to keep it under wraps. She says she can’t do that and they have a lengthy discussion.

In the meantime, Sami tells Will that Arianna knows everything, then goes to talk to Ari herself. Sami confesses to the crime and details how the shooting went down. When Sami is done, Arianna reveals that she just taped Sami’s admission – and plans to turn her in. A fight for the footage ensues, then Kayla stops by and breaks it up. Arianna rushes out. Sami tracks down Rafe and recounts what happened.

First of all, what the hell is Sami doing confessing to her after he’s already said don’t say anything? sighs GG. It’s insane. He cares for this girl so much, but if she would just listen to him, it would be so much easier.

Ari calls EJ to meet her at the Pub, but Will is there first and confronts her about what she’s doing to Sami. A rattle Ari runs away from him and winds up getting hit by a car. Rafe and Sami are called to the hospital. He feels horrible, groans Gering and says what a terrible situation. Gering says that of course, the thing that sucks so bad is that it’s almost the same situation he had before. He doesn’t talk about it alot, but he and his ex-fiancee got in a huge fight the day they were to be married and then she got killed. He didn’t see her and they never made up. Now it’s happening with his sister and Rafe said some pretty mean stuff to her. he’s thinking she’s going to get better, but then he gets word that she might not and that’s just the ultimate guilt. In some ways, he’s totally to blame for the fact that she got hit by a car. There are so many crazy emotions going on.

At the hospital, Ari awakens just as EJ slips in, and she prepares to finger Sami for the crime…

SOW:Arianna Silenced

Arianna tells Rafe she’s going to reveal the truth about Sami shooting EJ this week, but before she can, she’s hit by a car! GG says Rafe is super shocked, like “How does she know?” He explicitly told Sami not to tell anyone about this. He realizes he has to protect Sami, so he denies it. Arianna throws down the gauntlet. Then she runs off. Rafe feels like it’s his job to squash this thing, so he goes after her.

Rafe finally admits it’s all true and it’s the worst argument they’ve ever had, says GG. Rafe doesn’t want Arianna to tell anyone, especially EJ, because she’d be putting Sami’s life at risk. Stefano might put a hit out on her. So, potentially, Sami’s kids could grow up without a mother.

GG and Lindsay Hartley (Ari) attacked the scenes with a vengeance. GG says that they’ve had this brother/sister relationship that spans over a decade, so we’re pretty comfortable with it, says GG. When we were on Passions, we had alot of stuff that was pretty charged, and so were these scenes. They ran the whole gamut of emotions (that’s must’ve been hard for GG). Rafe pleads, he begs, he yells.

To no avail. While Rafe warns Will about what has gone down, Sami begs Arianna not to turn her in. But Arianna reveals she taped Sami’s confession and is going to give it to EJ. Sami finds Rafe and tells him what happened, says GG. Not only is Rafe completely taken aback by what his sister has done, but he also can’t believe that Sami confessed to the shooting. It’s going to be hard to deny this videotape, and Rafe’s biggest concern is the DiMeras. If they do spare Sami’s life, they’ll make her miserable by blackmailing and manipulating her.

But it’s Arianna’s life that ends up in peril, when she is struck by a car in front of both EJ and Will. Ari is rushed to University Hospital, and Rafe and Sami race to her side. Rafe has all this guilt, because he and Arianna just had this huge argument. his main concern is his sister getting better, says GG. He’s not freaking out about EJ being there, because Arianna is in no condition to speak to anyone.

But Sami’s confession tape could speak volumes…


Can't wait to see these scenes and I am hoping she is able to give EJ the tape so he can bring Rafe and Sami down so he can have his Samatha back with their children a real family.
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