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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Oct 14 2010, 06:44 PM
Oct 14 2010, 06:26 PM
^^ How would that work, force?? Do some EJAMI's really want that?
Well I am hoping after EJ gets the tape he lets Sami know and she realizes she was wrong for not forgiving him about Sydney because he forgave her about Grace. He knows he was wrong and he thinks he deserved getting shot for what he had done to Sami and everyone else. I have nothing against Rafe I just wish he was out of the picture because Sami needs to be with EJ and their children a real family. EJ n Sami need to forgive each other for their chldren. Sami also loves EJ.
If Sami loves Ej she has a bizarre way of showing it....could you imagine what she'd do if she hated the guy...oh wait!

Seriously, does anyone shipping a couple want them to come together in this fashion? why would you want unreciprocated love, it's wrong, it's not romantic, it's not even appealing and Sami loves Rafe now, as much as I might not like that she does. Sami cheated on Ej with Rafe, begged Rafe to stop her from marrying Ej, lied to Ej, shot Ej in the head, and tried to finish him off when he was in a coma. Then when he wakes up he immediately is back to doing what he did before.....I can't see this ending in any way, shape or form positive for Ejami, but then again I never saw anything in Ejami as positive, so maybe it's just widdle ol me.
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