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Happily Ever After? Nadia Bjorlin on Chloe's Secret Past

It looks like Chloe and Daniel are finally going to make it past, over and around all the many obstacles that have been thrown in their path and to the "I do's." While even Victor seems to have come around and is giving Daniel his blessing, another obstacle presented itself: Melanie. She was only the most recent person to learn about her soon-to-be stepmother's indiscretion. "It was very stressful beforehand," Nadia sighed. "Poor Chloe! She finally got her dream come true. It's all coming together but it's been rough seas up to this point. So it's a bit of an anticlimactic wedding, I feel. It's beautiful, but still there's so much underlying drama from everybody - which makes things exciting for the audience - but it's just a very stressful event, I think, even throughout the whole wedding ceremony."

Chloe was on tenterhooks as the ceremony began, unsure whether or not Melanie would let her make it through to the end. And she didn't, not without adding a little drama. Melanie interrupted the ceremony, but only to tell Chloe "that she wasn't going to say anything to her father because she realized that maybe sometimes you do need to lie for love," Nadia told us. "But, at the same time, she said if you do anything to hurt him, I'll kill you! You're going to have to answer to me! So I think there's still that feeling of, okay, everything is getting back on track and hopefully everybody is keeping their mouth shut. But there's still that underlying anxiety, I think. There could be some doubts. Somebody may change their mind. She does say that and I think she feels that. It resonates and Daniel wonders what's wrong with her because she's always wondering, what if Melanie changes her mind? Or maybe someone else will find out. And the jig is going to be up!"

So, even though Chloe has a ring on her finger, there's no room to relax. And that's too bad, because, as Nadia believes, Chloe really does love Daniel. "I think that she's so desperate to keep it intact because I don't think she's ever experienced this level of love," Nadia emphasized. "Obviously, Chloe has grown up and evolved, but I think she's changed and this is a different level of love for her. Not that she didn't love Lucas. I think this is just such a heart-wrenching, heart-aching kind of love that she couldn't fathom being without this guy."

Some fans (we're thinking of people who referred to themselves as "Broes" in particular) may wonder about that. What about that first, great love: Brady Black? "With Brady, that was sort of the romantic ideal and maybe at that time they weren't emotionally ready and really old enough to handle the consequences of the vows of marriage, to be together forever, through the good and bad, not realizing that that intense honeymoon period will eventually fade away," Nadia mused. "Then after that what do you have? It's really work to learn how to be together. I just think they weren't grown up enough. You've got to build a real relationship and a real foundation. A real friendship and really be best friends, loving each other even when you hate each other. I think that's something they learned from each other. Now Chloe is older and to that level of, wow, they've been through so much together, too, and they still just want to be with each other. She's so afraid to lose that."

Other fans who are familiar with Chloe's complicated history may recognize that there's probably a psychological reason she fears losing Daniel, one that Nadia sees, as well. "I also attribute it to abandonment issues for Chloe," Nadia confirmed. "She was an orphan. She bounced around from foster home to foster home. Her adoptive parents were killed when she was little in a car accident. It was pretty horrible, just to basically lose everyone. And those were the origins of Chloe when I started on the show. 'Everybody I love leaves me.' I always think back to that and it makes sense for the character. How we're raised by our parents affects us greatly, the relationships we see. It took her so much time to even develop a relationship with her biological parents, Nancy and Craig, to really learn to trust and love. She obviously has those unresolved and residual feelings. She needs lot of therapy! She did go to Marlena once and that was it!" Nadia finished with a laugh.

"When you're constantly feeling that way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in a way," Nadia continued. "You're making it happen because you're so paranoid about it. It's out of fear and anxiety that you're creating all of this. Oh my gosh! The worst thing that could ever happen, just happened! He's having an affair! Somebody else confirmed my already jealous insecurities about that."

Someone else (namely Vivian) pushed Chloe down the path that eventually led to Philip. Think back Vivian paid off two people to lie to Chloe to confirm her paranoid suspicions that Carly and Daniel would hook back up. There was the nurse who told her that Daniel and Carly had left the hospital together, and then the motel clerk who told her he recognized the photo of Daniel. Nadia told us that Chloe essentially went "crazy And you try to find some stability or something you're comfortable with. That's sort of how I felt it was. She grew up with Philip and she feels very comfortable with him. They've been really great friends no matter what, through thick and thin, really. They've sort of helped each other out. I think he's one of Chloe's few touchstones. It feels like he's sort of like home base a little bit. It didn't seem that crazy that she would go to him. Even though he really came to her!"

Someone else (namely Carly) recognizes Vivian's ability to manipulate people to her own end. And Nadia believes that is one of the reasons that, after all of the going back and forth, Carly has kept her mouth shut about Chloe's one night stand. "It's nice that's turning into a friendship and camaraderie because frankly I was getting tired of hating her!" Nadia laughed about Carly and Chloe's relationship. "Carly has been in Chloe's same situation," Nadia continued. "Maybe not exactly the same; she was buried alive! But she knows the power and the venom that Vivian is capable of Also, I think somewhere along the way Chloe realized that, weirdly enough, Carly became her best friend, in the sense that she was the only person in this whole world that she's actually honest with. She isn't honest with anybody else, really. Carly knew more than Father Matt! She knew everything. And she didn't use it against her, except in trying to do what's best, or thinking what's best for the situation. Then eventually they called a truce."

Carly also likely recognized "that Chloe wouldn't have ended up in this situation if it wasn't for Vivian trying to get to Carly," Nadia continued. "She was trying to destroy Carly. So now I think there's kind of a sense of Carly feeling a little bit guilty, too. If it wasn't for me, Vivian wouldn't have manipulated you into doing all of this stuff. Now I'd feel like a terrible person if I threw you under the bus! When all of this really started with Vivian's hatred for Carly."

Poor Chloe, indeed. "She never learns," Nadia laughed. "But she means well, and that's always what's so horrifying and interesting about playing her and the whole storyline. She genuinely is one of the good people; she just makes bad mistakes. Then she makes other bad ones to cover. She does what she thinks is going to make everything better. She's one of those few characters who really has to suffer the consequences of all of her actions. Some other people literally get away with murder. Chloe can't have a one night stand and have it just be that! She's harmless in comparison to poisoning people! Or shooting them in the head! Or whatever other horrible things."

After all of this, will Chloe finally get her happy ending? She and Daniel have tied the knot, but whether they'll get to live happily ever after remains to be seen.

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