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"You've got to build a real relationship & a real foundation. A real friendship and really be best friends" -- Agreed. BUT danloe have never had that, that is NOT what has played on screen, they are not best friends, there's no foundation of being best friends & they have no trust - the show has shown us this time & again. Philip in chloes own words the other week is her best friend. He is the one she feels she can bare herself to without judgement. Sure she's honest with carly but thats a forced situation because carly found out her secerts. With Philip she was confiding in him long before their shared ONS secret. He was the first person she told about the hysterical pregnancy and that she wasn't keeping her therapy appointments etc. philip(and even Nicole) are who she trusts and is close friends with. To have chloe say she is soulmates(btw that word is waaaay overused and overrated on soaps lol) with someone she can't even be honest with or truly call her best friend is bullshit. love is about more than just initial sexual attraction and intense stares or saying the "L" word. danloe as soulmates? = #fail Many of us are NOT buying what DOOL is selling there. Here's hoping for one of those quickie divorces or annulments days is known for! :D
Interesting how Rebecca has been brought up by Dan a coupel times and even Victor when talking to Dan....hmmmm....maybe Dead-o wifey isn't so dead. Just a thought. I noticed how Dan spoke about Rebecca...seems to me she was his true love and he hasn't loved anyone that way since. JMO
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