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Grandpa Hughes
Oct 15 2010, 09:04 AM
Oct 14 2010, 06:34 PM
This show is boring me now. It's lost most of it's steam, sadly. Although, I really liked the scenes at the end with Nathan and Natasha. I'm enjoying Hollyoaks more at the moment and I'm not happy to admit that.
That WAS a good scene and I finally felt something besides rage toward Nathan! Sadly, I agree with you that things are losing their "oomph" in the Dales! When EastEnders is finally current for me, it will probably move to number one! THEN I have to catch up on HollyOaks! "Oh the PAAAAIIIN!" :drunk:
With Hollyoaks, it'll be like this. Once you get to the actual day of Calvin and Carmel's wedding the show is pretty good when it focuses on that storyline. When it comes to a standstill, the show sucks for weeks of transition crappola. Once you get to freshers week the show feels like Hollyoaks again and has ever since. So by then it will feel like how it should, but some of the stories are lame. But don't fret, the new producer seems to LOVE Darren, so he's on quite a bit, THANK GOD!
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