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Well, I have to say I didn't think she was awful in a general sense, just that I wouldn't cast her as Abby. This reminds me of when Shelley Hennig's Stephanie debuted and a lot of people loathed her for being sex-obsessed with Jeremy. I initially hated Jeremy though I grew to like him a lot, but I never did get the complaint that Stephanie was too sex-crazy because from what we were told Jeremy was her first sexual relationship or at least her first real boyfriend who she was in love with, and it's not uncommon for young people to think they invented sex and to feel pity for people who aren't having as much of it or as exciting a variety of it (they think) as they are. Anyway, I kind of get the same vibe from this Abby, only ten times worse, because it just seems bizarre to have her all, well, Daddy's doing something stupid so you need to start dating! I have no emotional attachment to Jack and Jennifer and even I find that strange.

Also, is this really how they do auditions? At your (or someone's) house? I also was mystified by her outfit, which looks like something I might have worn circa 1990, though not with heels. That isn't the outfit I would have picked knowing the camera has to show me full length and from the side; I would have gone with something a lot more streamlined.
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